Chain Link Fencing

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Chain Link Fence Installers in Twin Falls, ID
Chain Link Fence Installers in Twin Falls, ID

Chain Link Fence Installers in Twin Falls, ID

The fencing contractors of Certified Fencing are skilled at chain link fence and gate installation and recommend this option for those who need a durable option that is flexible and affordable. We carry a variety of colors and sizes and offer free quotes. Give us a call at (208) 449-2040 to set up a consultation.
Chain Link Dog Run in Twins Falls Id
Chain Link Dog Run in Twins Falls Id

Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain link, sometimes known as a chain length or wire fence, is a great option for both residential fences and commercial properties. It can withstand extremes in temperature and harsh weather conditions making it long-lasting. Because it is an easier fence type and style to install, it is often a more affordable option than vinyl or cedar wood fencing.

People often choose chain link fencing for the following purposes:

-High Security: Chain link fences are a fantastic option when you need heightened security. They are a great way to keep trespassers from entering a commercial or industrial property and to contain kids and pets while allowing them to play outside at home. They are very versatile and affordable, making them a great option for many different kinds of uses!

-Showing Boundaries: These fences work great to show property lines or block out a dangerous area without completely obstructing the view. 

There are many options when it comes to choosing the best chain link fence to enclose your property or install a dog run.

Chain Link Fence and Gate Twin Falls Idaho

-4 foot chain link fence and gate
-5 ft chain link fence
-6 ft chain link fence
-8 foot chain link fence and gate

Twin Falls Idaho Chain Link Gate Installation

-10 ft chain link fence and gate
-16 ft chain link gate
-black or green coated chain link fence
-white chain link fence with privacy slats

If you’d like to see more ideas and completed home projects with vinyl fencing for inspiration, visit our photo gallery.

If you’re searching for the best, our fencing is hard to beat. 

Whether you’re looking for a 5 ft chain link fence for your backyard or a 10 foot chain link gate to allow access to a construction site, Certified Fencing can help with all your chain link security and privacy fence needs! Contact us online or by phone at (208) 449-2040 for pricing information and service in the Twin Falls, ID area!
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